Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why aren't there captions on all of the photos?

A: This site is run by 2 amateurs: an amateur photographer and an amateur web designer. When only one photographer is photographing a major event, it is very difficult to take note of the wrestlers' names for several reasons: The photographer is shooting over a thousand images per event and often has to sprint from mat to mat to cover many matches that are occurring at the same time. The webmaster is a female wrester who competes in many major senior freestyle events so captioning the senior women and senior men is simpler, but with the younger age groups we are often unable to identify all the participants. PLEASE HELP US TO CAPTION THE PHOTOS!!! If you can identify any of the wrestlers in the images, email and tell us the exact URL on which the photo appears, the wrestler's name(s), and which photo(s) he or she is in (for example, 2nd row, 3rd column). Thanks for your help!

Q: What are the Copyright laws about using the photos that appear on the site?

A: You may use the photos for personal, non-commercial use such as printing the photos to be used in a photo album or sharing them with friends and family. We ask that you do not manipulate the images in any way. Please ask us for permission before the use of the photos for commercial purposes, in publications, or on commercial websites. If you are an athlete or an amateur wrestling fan and would like to use some of our photos on your personal website or a website that promotes amateur wrestling in a positive way, please credit the photos and put a link to We'd appreciate it if you could let us know if you intend to use one of our photos by emailing us at . If you have further questions please let us know and we will try to help.

Q: Why aren't there photos from more events?

A: We just started this website in the spring of 2002, so there are very few events covered that are prior to this date. Since this website is maintained as a hobby by 2 amateurs, we travel to events on our own budget and for the love of the sport and photography, so covering international events that are held overseas as well as smaller events in remote areas all over the US are in most cases is very difficult. We will try to cover most of the events on the USA wrestling national and regional schedule and select major folkstyle events. If there is an opportunity we may be able to cover an event outside the USA.

Q: Why does it take so long to update the sites with photos from all the events?

A: This site is maintained as a hobby by two amateurs with full time day jobs that do not relate to this website and we are committed to other activities. The photos require a lot of processing before they are ready to post on the website and this takes a lot of time. We will do our best to get the photos to you as quickly as we can. (in our free time, but often we are out of town on business, moving, or training hard/competing in wrestling tournaments so)[Delete] We can't always get the photos out as fast as we would like to.

Q:Why are some photos from a single bout not all grouped together?

A: Often there are several matches at a big event occur similtaneously on different mats. The photographer tries his best to take photos of the action on all the mats and the photo galleries display the photos in the order of the time the photo was taken. Therefore, sometimes photos from several different matches are all mixed in, but usually photos from a single match are within a page or two.


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